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How to find the most popular juicers
Breville Bje820xl is another name among the top class juicers. This juicer has a huge fan following and it has made a place for itself among the best juicers reviews 2013.

  1. This machine supports a 1200 watt motor.

  2. The juice jug has a capacity of 1.1 qt that is 1 liter and has a froth separator as well.

  3. The pulp container has a capacity of about 3.2 qt that is equivalent to 3 liters.

  4. Now you can extract about 30% more juice having 40% additional vitamins with the help of sharp titanium cutting disk that is surrounded by a micro mesh filter.

  5. It offers five variable speed parameters. 1-6, 500 rpm. 2-8,100 rpm. 3-9, 700 rpm. 4-11, 300 rpm. 5-13,000 rpm.

  6. The juicer comes with a steel cutting blade that is encased with Titanium.

  7. The puree disc is also present.

  8. A 3.3 inch feed tube also comes with the juicer.

This juicer is meant for those who prefer superb quality and prefer a juicer that has made its mark among the top rated juicer reviews 2013. If your goal is to cater to your family’s food and health in the best possible way and if you want to serve your family drinks and meals having maximum vitamins then Breville should be your choice.
The cutting blade and the filter basket are manufactured with stainless steel. The Titanium coating of the blade provides that extra strength because titanium is one of the hardest materials. An efficient blade makes juice extraction easy and you can enjoy the maximum amount of juice. Steel is a resistant material and that adds another advantage. The blade will last for a long period of time and save you lots of money. Even the cleaning of the blade will be a simple task.
You might be thinking that a blender can prepare a good enough smoothie. Well you are wrong you might need to add an additional liquid like milk. Milk means more Calories. This would definitely not be your option if you are targeting weight loss. You can easily add the required creaminess to your smoothie with the help of the smoothie blade.
Different fruits are extracted at different speed parameters. The soft fruits extract well on lower speed, but this rule does not apply to hard fruits. You can even enjoy the juice of leafy vegetables due to the facility of different speed parameters provided by this juicer.
The price of the juicer varies according to the location. However this machine is a satisfying answer to how to find the most popular juicers. If you are looking for cheap prices for juicers then you can get this juicer at low price at a sale.
Well if you are wondering about the material this juicer is made up of then the answer is that the base is made up of stainless steel. Additionally you can reduce the juicing time by using the feed tube because you can throw whole of the fruit into the juicer. The juice collector is made up of steel as well so you do not need to worry about the rust. Moreover this machine is dishwasher safe.


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